Does Piano Marvel run on Android?

Does Piano Marvel run on Android?

Android devices have limited options in Piano Marvel. Browsing the music library is available on Android tablets. Play-along, scoring, and assessment features are not currently supported. Piano Marvel has plans to add more feature options for Android devices soon. 

Support for Piano Marvel’s biggest features is available for Mac computers running OSX 10.9 or later, PC computers running Windows 8 or later, Chromebooks, iPad & iPhone devices running iOS 12 or later.  

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    • Do you support Chromebook?

      We do support Chromebook! Please use Piano Marvel in your Chrome browser with our latest version that does not require the plugin software. Log into Piano Marvel like normal and connect your instrument in the Menu, Instrument Settings area. If you ...
    • iPhone setup for Piano Marvel

      You can now use Piano Marvel on your iPhone. Currently, there are multiple ways to use Piano Marvel with your iPhone! Watch the video or read more below to learn more. ss On-Screen Keyboard: The simple solution requires no accessories if you want to ...
    • How do I whitelist Piano Marvel to run on computers, iPads and networks?

      PC Whitelisting: 1. Check the Windows firewall settings to ensure that the Piano Marvel plugin is allowed through the firewall. 2. If the computer has antivirus software installed, check that the software settings are allowing the Piano Marvel Plugin ...
    • Audio setup/when to use which cable?

      The best setup for your audio will depend on the audio connections that your piano/keyboard has available. We recommend watching this video for a walkthrough of different audio setup options.
    • I don’t hear any sound from Piano Marvel

      Piano Marvel offers a count-in and accompaniment in Play Mode. If you are not hearing any accompaniment or the voice counting you in when you press Play, please follow the steps to correct the issue: 1. In a piece or exercise, look in the Mixer ...